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December 2017 Archives

Types of easements

People who buy or sell real estate in Pennsylvania should always take the time to learn about any potential easements on a property as this may impact them as a buyer or as a seller in case a prospective buyer has concerns about a particular easement. 

Addressing underage DUI charges

When a younger person is accused of operating a vehicle while drunk, their future may be thrown off course right away. These charges could have a far-reaching impact on future opportunities and may also affect them in the present, such as having a negative influence on their performance in class. Moreover, other penalties may create challenges, from the loss of driving privileges to financial penalties. Our law office knows the hardships that teens and whole families in Pennsylvania face when these charges arise.

Be careful with spending even if you plan to file bankruptcy

Certain times of the year, such as the winter holidays and your loved ones' birthdays, can lend themselves to more credit card spending than you would undertake other times of the year. Summer may also seem like a tempting time to spend because it is a popular time to vacation.

Pennsylvania's Ignition Interlock Law for First Time DUI Offenders

In May 2016, Pennsylvania altered the effect a first time DUI conviction has on a person's driver's license by amending section 3805 of the Motor Vehicle Code and enacting section 1556.  These changes went into effect in August 2017.  Prior to August 2017, a person convicted of a first offense DUI with a blood alcohol content ("BAC") of .10% or higher received a 12-month license suspension. The current law now allows for an individual to avoid the hard license suspension and to operate a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock.

Prepare for your annual estate plan review

You may be one of the many people in Pennsylvania who has taken it upon themselves to properly document their estate planning wishes. If so, you should feel very good about that. But, you should also ask yourself how long it has been since you have reviewed that plan. That's right - making an estate plan is only one part of what you need to do. This plan should be considered a living document if you will as it should evolve and change as your life and some laws change.

Encounter at Solebury Township park results in teacher's arrest

Ask any teen in Greensburg about their readiness to deal with adult matters, and most will tell you that they are more than prepared to do so. Yet the actions of their particular demographic often indicate otherwise. Thus, when issues arise between teens and adults (especially those of a sexual nature), the immediate reaction is often to place the blame for any incidents that occur on adults. That blame is magnified when the adults involved are in positions of authority over the teens, as it is often assumed that they either used such authority to compel the teens to do what they wanted, or that they simply should have known better. 

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