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Building An Effective Defense Against Assault Charges

Assault charges, even misdemeanors, are very serious because they are considered violent crimes. Nobody wants an assault conviction on their record. It could hold you back from job opportunities, educational opportunities and so much more.

At Schimizzi Law, LLC, we can defend you against any kind of Pennsylvania assault charge. Locally based in Greensburg, our criminal defense lawyers have the experience it takes to build an effective defense. We will work hard to shield you from a conviction and protect your reputation.

Categories Of Pennsylvania Assault Charges

There are many types of assault charges in Pennsylvania. We handle all of them, including:

  • Simple assaults (second- and third-degree misdemeanors)
  • Aggravated assault (first- and second-degree felonies)
  • Sexual assault (first-, second- and third-degree felonies)

Domestic violence cases are also common, and they are typically charged under one of the assault categories mentioned above. Domestic situations can lead to a protection from abuse order (PFA), which is also something we can defend you against.

DUI-Related Assault Charges

Not many people realize they can be charged with aggravated assault – a felony offense – if they get into a serious accident that harms others while driving under the influence. Our lawyers can defend you against this serious type of charge.

Get Help Moving Forward

Facing assault charges can be incredibly stressful. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a solid legal team has your back.

We are here to help. Our experienced legal team can fight for you, handling all aspects of your criminal case. Learn more by reaching out to us online or calling 724-838-9722.