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4 signs that you need a bankruptcy attorney

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Bankruptcy

It can be difficult to recover when you fall into hard times. Debt is discouraging and overwhelming, but there is hope.

Here are four signs that you need help from a skilled bankruptcy attorney.

1. You are out of credit

Credit cards are often a last effort to stay afloat when the money runs low. If your credit cards are at or approaching their limit, it may be time to consider hiring a bankruptcy attorney.

2. Medical bills are piling up

When facing the choice of avoiding debt or receiving life-saving treatment, the latter is understandably an obvious decision. However, the cost of medical care is high and continually rising, making medical debt one of the most prevalent forms. If you have a mountain of medical bills and no way to pay them, bankruptcy may be an option.

3. You are facing foreclosure

If your home is in foreclosure due to an inability to make your house payment, a bankruptcy lawyer can help you get the foreclosure paused. You can use this extra time to get your finances in order.

4. Creditors will not leave you alone

After a period of non-payment on your credit cards, loans and medical debt, creditors might send your debt to a collections agency. These agencies are relentless, calling multiple times a day at all hours. A bankruptcy attorney is familiar with these scare tactics and can guide you through the process.

You do not have to face debt alone. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will support you as you pursue financial freedom.