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Relieving Your Debt Problems With Bankruptcy

Tough economic times have hit many people in Westmoreland County and the surrounding area hard. Job loss, divorce, unexpected medical bills or simply trying to keep up with basic living expenses may have put you in a desperate financial situation. Now your worries may include foreclosure, other creditor lawsuits, wage garnishment, car repossession or many other severe consequences.

If your bills are overwhelming or you are having difficulty making mortgage payments, the time to get legal counsel is now. Real, dependable debt relief through personal bankruptcy may be the answer — and our lawyers are here to analyze your situation and help you make a sound plan for the future.

Looking To Wipe Out Your Debt? Do You Need To Stop A Lawsuit?

Our founding lawyer Rich Schimizzi has successfully handled hundreds of personal bankruptcy cases, helping individuals and families get out of debt while keeping their homes, cars and other critical assets. We are prepared to help you evaluate all solutions that may work for you, including:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which can provide a full discharge of unsecured debts, such as credit card balances, for those who qualify
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy — sometimes called “reorganization” bankruptcy — offering a discharge of some debts and the ability to repay others over a period of several years

We Will Help You Find And Execute The Best Available Solution

Our Greensburg bankruptcy attorneys will hear you out on your important concerns and take a hard look at your debts, income and assets. We will explain clearly what bankruptcy can and cannot accomplish for you, and address what your life could look like afterward.

Often, people are amazed by the power of bankruptcy to legally eliminate debt and stop creditor harassment completely through an automatic stay against collection actions and lawsuits.

Work With A Caring Attorney, Every Step Of The Way

At many large bankruptcy law firms, you may meet a bankruptcy lawyer only once, and then have your case handed off to a paralegal or other assistant. At our firm, an attorney will handle all aspects of your case and be there to answer your questions.

Please do not spend another sleepless night worried about your bills when you can get caring guidance from us at Schimizzi Law, LLC. We offer clients considering bankruptcy a free consultation to start weighing available options and what they involve.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.