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We Can Defend You Against A Protection From Abuse Orders

In Pennsylvania, restraining orders for domestic abuse are called “protection from abuse orders” (PFAs). These orders can affect you negatively in numerous ways. They can limit where you can go and who you can contact. They can even prevent you from seeing your kids.

Domestic abuse is a concern that family courts in Pennsylvania take very seriously. Violating a restraining order can land you in jail. That’s why a strong defense is so critical.

Our lawyers at Schimizzi Law, LLC, can defend you against a PFA and similar restraining orders such as sexual violence prevention orders (SVPOs) and protection from intimidation orders (PFIs). We can also address assault charges or other criminal charges you may be facing.

The PFA Hearing

These cases usually start with an ex parte protection from abuse orders. That means a temporary order will already be in place when you get notified of it. A hearing will be scheduled within 10 business days.

That hearing is very important. It’s your opportunity to contest the order. If you don’t show up or fail to present a strong defense, the judge could enter a final PFA against you. These orders can last up to three years.

How A PFA Could Impact You

Through a final PFA, the judge could order that you:

  • Move out
  • Lose custody of your kids
  • Prevent you from contacting the protected person
  • Prevent you from being in certain places
  • Order you to give up any firearms
  • Prevent you from obtaining firearms
  • Pay expenses relating to the alleged abuse

You can count on our attorneys to work hard to protect you from these and other serious consequences of a PFA.

Get Help Fighting A Protection For Abuse Order

Time is critical in challenging a PFA. Please don’t wait to get a strong legal team on your side.

Learn how we can help by contacting our attorneys online or calling 724-838-9722.