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Serving Clients In Communities Throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania

Whether you need a lawyer to advise you about bankruptcy, defend you against a criminal charge such as DUI, or assist you in a real estate or business matter, we are here to sit down and talk through all the issues and options.

We are practical attorneys who focus on earning positive results while protecting our clients from unnecessary fees and expenses. Applying more than three decades of experience in courts and negotiating rooms throughout Westmoreland County and southwestern Pennsylvania, we will work hard on your behalf and provide personal, responsive attention every step of the way.

Let us help you feel more comfortable with solving your legal problem. You will find our staff friendly and our attorneys approachable and responsive. We are a family law office that offers local representation. From offices in Greensburg, we provide legal counsel and advocacy for clients in Westmoreland County and communities throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. Call toll free 866-475-0816, text us at 724-454-6718 or contact us by email to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Greensburg lawyer today.

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