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The importance of careful estate planning

On Behalf of | May 6, 2017 | Estate Planning And Administration

If you do not have an estate plan, or are in the process of drafting a will or trust, it is essential to understand how vital it is to have a solid plan in place and carefully work through the process. At Schimizzi Law, we are very familiar with the benefits of creating a solid estate plan and we also know how difficult life can be for families when their loved one passes away without one. In Greenburg, and across all of Pennsylvania, numerous complications can be avoided by simply planning ahead.

For some people, thinking about death and the distribution of assets after they pass away can be challenging. However, without a plan, their assets may not be divided between beneficiaries as they would wish and their loved ones may a great deal of stress, which can make the emotional pain associated with loss even tougher. Worse yet, disputes may arise between family members who disagree with the division of assets or another estate-related issue.

When it comes to setting up an estate plan, you may have a number of considerations. For example, you may decide to move forward with a trust, such as a revocable, irrevocable or living trust. Or, perhaps a will better suits your needs. Regardless of the estate plan you decide on, you should take a comprehensive and careful approach.

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