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Qualifying for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Drunk Driving Defense

Being arrested for driving while intoxicated in Greensburg can bring with it some serious consequences. Yet we here at Schimizzi Law LLC want you to know that all is not lost. You may have already resigned yourself to losing your license and having a criminal record. The circumstances of your case, however, may allow you to secure a much more favorable outcome.

Pennsylvania offers an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program to certain first-time offenders. If you fulfill all of the requirements of the program, after a probationary period your case will be closed and there be no record of your arrest. The state will only extend this privilege to you once, and only in certain situations. Some of the scenarios that may automatically disqualify you from ARD consideration may include:

  •          You causing an accident that caused significant property damage or serious injuries to others
  •          You having teenage or child passengers in your vehicle at the time of your arrest
  •          You already having a criminal background

Ultimately, it is the district attorney assigned to prosecute your case that will recommend you for the ARD program. That recommendation will include certain conditions, such as you participating in drug and alcohol treatment or community service.

Aside from having your DUI arrest expunged, participation in the ARD program may also allow you to keep your license. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, your license will not be revoked if are recommended for ARD and your measures BAC is less than .10%. Even if it is above that number, you being eligible for ARD means your license will not be revoked for more than 60 days as opposed to the 12-month suspension you would normally face.

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