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September 2017 Archives

The pros and cons of the healthy housing market

The advantages to owning a home can be endless: the stability of location, financial benefits and full control over maintenance and remodeling are only a few of the many rewards ownership can bring. There are various reasons why buying a home can be advantageous over renting a living space, but sometimes the guidelines of mortgages, real estate transactions and other legal details can overwhelm new and old homeowners alike. By understanding the current status of Pennsylvania's real estate, residents can become better equipped to address home ownership matters in the future.

Daughter and trustees at odds over sale of million dollar home

One of the main purposes of estate planning is to help people avoid having disputes arise amongst those that they will one day leave behind in Greensburg. Yet simply because the process of how one's estate is to be handled is outlined does not necessarily mean that problems will not arise in its management. Those empowered to handle the affairs of an estate may eventually find their interpretations of a testator's wishes to be at odds with those of his or her beneficiaries. 

DUI charges and the state's changing laws

Drunk driving charges are serious in every state, but in Pennsylvania, recent changes in the law give no second chances. Some in the state are even calling the widespread drunk driving issue the "DUI war," remarking on the growing concern of unsafe roads. Are the recent changes in Pennsylvania's drunk driving laws enough to make real change?

Medical bankruptcy: is there a solution?

Depending on the nation's economic state, the abundance of available jobs and a multitude of other factors, financial matters can become trying on individuals and families. One looming cause of bankruptcy in Pennslyvania is medical bankruptcy, in which individuals may seek governmental help in distressing financial times caused by overwhelming medical bills.

The penalties of a first-time DUI charge

There rightfully exist a number of penalties attached to drunk driving offenses, but sometimes, a mild offense simply occurs out of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Pennsylvania, like most states, contains a set of laws and penalties regarding driving under the influence. Often these penalties can be lasting, and can negatively impact a person's career and life in general.

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