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Can you be the legal guardian of someone over 18?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2018 | Estate Planning And Administration

When a person turns eighteen in Pennsylvania, they become legally responsible for themselves. However, there are some situations in which a person isn’t mentally, physically, or emotionally capable of this. In these situations, you may wish to become their legal guardian instead. Schimizzi Law, LLC, can help you learn the ins and outs of petitioning for guardianship so that you can help your loved ones.

First of all, know that courts can award different types of guardianship. This can include partial or full guardianship, as well as temporary or permanent guardianship. What’s awarded to you depends on the situation you and your loved one are in. For example, if your loved one is facing a lifelong issue that they will likely not recover from, you are more likely to get full guardianship. However, if it’s expected that they will eventually be able to care for themselves, your guardianship maybe temporary or partial.

Generally speaking, it’s the parent of the child in question who petitions for guardianship. However, the list of possible legal guardians can also include siblings or extended family members, depending on the state of relationships within the family. Regardless, the guardian will need to be appointed by the court in order to be seen as legal in the eyes of the government.

When you petition for guardianship of a loved one, the situation should be entered with an understanding of what being a legal guardian entails. To read more about this option, you can take a look at our web page on requesting guardianship, linked here.