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Drunk driving, explained

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Drunk Driving Defense

Sometimes, driving home after a drink or two seems the wisest option. Because each outing can take its own unexpected turns, it can often be difficult to prepare for a safe ride home after a drink. When a Pennsylvania driver feels that a drunk driving charge has been unfairly given, they may decide to turn to legal assistance. First, however, it could prove beneficial to better understand why so many drivers feel compelled to drive drunk or buzzed in the first place.

Odyssey magazine examines the common problem of drunk driving, acknowledging that countless drivers have faced the dilemma of needing a ride home after a few drinks. However, just one wrong decision could result in a world of expenses, physical injuries, and raised insurance premiums. There is also the risk of hurting another driver’s car or, worse, another driver altogether. Odyssey concludes by encouraging readers to always form back-up plans for getting home after drinking.

The Tab also takes a look at the worldwide drunk driving problem, taking a scientific approach by investigating the brain’s signals after a few drinks. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, just a couple of alcoholic beverages can make an individual feel able to do ordinary tasks — and can even evoke feelings of invincibility. Because alcohol is a depressant, it can boost one’s production of gamma-Aminobutyric acid, dopamine and serotonin. When a drink is brought into the picture, these compounds do not work together as effectively, altering one’s messages sent to and from the brain. A few drinks can also deceive a person into thinking they can drive with the same judgment they would use while sober. When it comes to making the decision to get behind the wheel, The Tab quotes experts who strongly dissuade drivers from getting on the road after only one drink.