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Drunk driving charges on the rise throughout Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Drunk Driving Defense

Drunk driving charges in Greensburg and throughout Pennsylvania can have a negative impact on a person’s life regardless of their age and circumstances. For young people who are still in college or in their early 20s, a DUI conviction with its penalties can undoubtedly cause challenges as they seek to complete school, get a job and advance in life. Older people can also have problems after a DUI conviction in that they can face disfavor in the community and experience higher insurance rates, lost driving privileges and jail time. Understanding how to lodge an effective defense is imperative to dealing with these allegations.

DUI statistics are returning to their previous heights

Initial expectations were that people who were out of work and forced to stay home would not take to the road after drinking alcohol. However, the latest numbers show that DUI arrests are close to where they were before the health situation came about. State law enforcement made 420 arrests for DUI in February. That was prior to the statewide shutdown. Throughout the mandated closure, DUI arrests reduced substantially. In June, they began to spike and were slightly below the February totals. Experts believe that the changed landscape as to how everyday lives have been altered is a factor in the increased alcohol consumption.

State Police said there were 1,333 DUI arrests from the last week in June through July 23. While the numbers for that same time-period in 2019 were unavailable, there were more than 22,100 overall DUI arrests in the state for the year. There are typically more DUI arrests in the summer months because the better weather invites people to take part in outdoor activities, young people are out of school and diversions are prevalent. For 2020, the environment is markedly different leading to confusion as to how to interpret DUI statistics. An incremental return to what would be considered normal is expected to change the number of DUI arrests again, especially once bars and restaurants reopen with regular hours and people can safely eat and drink indoors.

Caring and experienced legal advice can help with a DUI case

Many people who are arrested and charged with DUI have no criminal record, are unsure as to what the future holds and fear how the charges will damage their lives in the present and future. The penalties for a DUI conviction can be harsh with incarceration, fines, a driver’s license suspension and an ignition interlock device being installed on the vehicle. There can also be personal and professional consequences.

Effective strategies to defend against a DUI charge include calling the justification for the traffic stop into question, checking if the officer adhered to established protocol with the testing procedures, and analyzing the evidence to see if it can be challenged. A friendly, experienced and caring legal firm may be able to help with formulating a defense against the charges. After an arrest, calling for a consultation can provide information and guidance on how to proceed with a drunk driving defense.