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5 common alcohol offenses college students could face

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Blog, Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving Defense

Due to peer pressure, newfound freedom and college culture, undergrad students are at-risk for alcohol offenses. Even those who do not participate in partying could face alcohol-related charges in the right context.

Here are five of the most common alcohol offenses college students make.

Underage drinking

The underage drinking charge applies to those who drink or are in possession of alcohol while under 21. A student could face charges even if their roommate brought alcohol into the dorm. Underage drinking can land someone a $500 fine for a first-time offense.

Furnishing alcohol to a minor

College parties often have a mix of ages, and with inhibitions lowered, someone may give alcohol to a minor. Furnishing alcohol to someone who is underage is a third-degree misdemeanor that carries a $1,000 fine and the risk of a 1-year jail sentence. Additionally, the furnished could become liable if the minor injures themselves or others while intoxicated.

Public drunkenness

Students are at risk of a public drunkenness charge if they pose a threat to themselves, others or other people’s property in a public setting.

Open containers

Many public places prohibit open containers of alcohol. This could include $250 for the first offense. Having an open container of alcohol in a car is more serious and could land someone a DUI even if they were not drinking.

Driving under the influence

Driving while drunk almost always leads to a DUI. Pennsylvania state considers a .08 BAC to be the minimum for a DUI. Underage students only need .02. DUIs can be misdemeanors or felonies and lead to jail time, fines, license suspension or mandatory rehab.

College students should follow all drinking laws and be aware of their company to avoid any alcohol offenses.