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Will your college expel you for a first-time DUI?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2022 | Criminal Defense

One wrong decision can find you behind the wheel after having what seems like a harmless drink or two. When this lapse in judgment leads to a DUI arrest, your immediate concern might be the future of your education.

While a first-time DUI certainly comes with lesser repercussions than you would incur as a repeat offender, that does not change the fact that it can heavily impact your life. You can take the right steps toward guaranteeing the future of your education by understanding what consequences your college might hand down as a result of this criminal offense.

How will a first-time DUI affect your education?

While each university has its own terms and processes regarding criminal behavior, you will likely need to contact the administration or attend an informational meeting to address the criminal allegations against you. However, it is not typical for a college to expel or suspend a student for a first-time DUI offense unless another individual sustains injury in an ensuing accident. Instead, the school may place you under probationary conditions.

What are the other consequences of a DUI?

It goes without saying that in addition to academic consequences, there are also penalties handed down by the state after a DUI offense. Pennsylvania law considers a first-time DUI offense to be a misdemeanor, entailing a $300 fine and mandatory attendance to alcohol highway safety school. Be aware that you may receive harsher penalties if you have a higher blood alcohol content at the time of the arrest.

First-time DUI offenses often come with relatively minor consequences and should not harm the overall trajectory of your education. That said, you should take the conviction seriously and avoid similar behavior so that you do not receive the truly life-changing penalties that a subsequent conviction can entail.