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Why do I need a temporary hearing order during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2023 | Blog, Divorce

When couples decide to part ways, there are often issues that need immediate attention, especially in the case of a contested divorce.

To address these matters during the divorce process, Pennsylvania allows for the establishment of temporary hearing orders.

The importance of temporary hearing orders

Temporary hearing orders help spouses maintain their financial stability and protect their interests during the divorce proceedings. They address important issues, such as child custody, spousal support and asset division, while the divorce is ongoing. These orders provide a sense of stability during a challenging period.

The consequences of not filing

Without these orders in place, spouses may find themselves in unwanted financial situations. This can cause emotional distress and hinder their ability to participate in divorce proceedings effectively. A temporary hearing order also reduces the potential for disputes and conflicts. Not having clear instructions can make disagreements escalate, leading to lengthy and costly legal battles. This can significantly prolong the divorce process and increase stress for both parties involved.

The impact on the final settlement

Temporary hearing orders can have a lasting impact on the final divorce settlement. These orders set a precedent for addressing certain issues during the divorce, and judges often consider them when making final decisions. If a spouse has been receiving temporary spousal support, for instance, it may influence the judge’s decision regarding alimony in the final settlement.

At the end of 2021, Pennsylvania courts had 79,626 divorces pending. Knowing that a contested divorce takes time to finalize, temporary hearing orders offer a way to prevent unfair advantages or manipulation by either party, creating a level playing field.